When the Magistro Family immigrated from Sicily to America in the late 50s, they  brought their family recipes for authentic Italian dishes to a nation that knew hamburgers and fried chicken and pot roast and nothing about Stromboli and Calzones.

Since 1959, they have operated pizzerias in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Florida and California before settling in Nebraska in 1980.

Today, in an environment where the emphasis is on mass-produced commercialized food, and where “fast food” and “me-too products” rule by massive advertising and marketing gimmicks, “good food” is usually hard to find. At Don Carmelo’s Pizzeria, you can be assured of our continued personal commitment to use high quality ingredients in the preparation of our menu and to serve great tasting food prepared in the traditional Italian manner, with quick and courteous service, and where the customer satisfaction is always guaranteed!

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